Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thursday 15th of July 2010

Monday I ran that 10k and we did it at a very good pace. We kept the pace at 4:30 per k or faster for the first 7k and the7th was done in 4 minutes. The last 2 we did at 5 minute pace just to see how that would feel. Great run but it was very hot.
Tuesday I had hoped to swim in the lagoon but my swim buddy couldnt make it and I didnt want to do it alone just in case something went wrong in the water (cramps etc). Went to the pool and swam solid for 1 hour instead. Was ok but really quite dull!
Yesterday we set off at 6:30am and ran 30k. We kept a fast pace and the run really went very well. I think I will drop the distance to 28 next week and then down again the week after as I dont want to risk an injury. My running is better than ever so I feel good going in to the race as far as that goes.
Today I am going to Noma (voted the worlds best resteraunt a few months ago) so no training at all today except my cycle to work and back. Tomorrow I plan to swim and run 10k. Saturday we are going to a place called Mon which is a small Island you can get to by road. Its 135k and I will ride there while the family drive, Sunday I will ride back!
1 month to go now exactly!

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