Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wednesday 28th of July 2010

Well my plans all changed slightly but thats ok. I went for a quick deep tissue sports massage on Monday eve to try to help my left leg. It helped and I intend to go back again before the race (5 days before). Yesterday I drove to work and met up with my swim buddy in the afternoon at the race venue and we did the full 4k (3.8ish) and it took us 1 hour 5 minutes so I was very very pleased with that! I didnt run as my legs were still feeling a little tired. Swim was not in ideal conditions so that made it even better!
This morning I was up early and I did an 85k ride at 32kph avg so again quite pleased. I felt sluggish in parts but then it went away and I felt great again....odd. I guess I need to start that taper stuff quite soon but I am finding it quite hard to stop. I guess I want to drag every drop of improvements I can out of the bag before I accept that this is it and I have to go with what I have. Anyway, choive is running out so in a few days I will taper.
Really cant wait to get on with it now and then start thinking about the goal for 2011 will be.....under 3 hour marathon? under 20 minute 5k? or another Ironman?? well, before jumping the gun I guess I better finish this one first!!

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