Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wednesday 7th of July 2010

Yesterday I went to Amager Swim park and swam in the same lagoon that I will race in. Damn it was hard as it isnt so much a lagoon as just an Island near the beach. There is a current running down it! it was also windy so it was a tough swim. Great practice though and I will do it every week now until race day.
This morning I was up early and did a loop. It was windy even though it didnt look like it was, dont know if that makes sense but I am sure it was windy!
When I got to work I went for a 5k run off the bike and it was amazing! I ran 5 k faster than ever. No idea why but it just felt good. Oh well, guess my legs were warm after 90k of cycling.
Tomorrow will be a swim day and then Friday will be a big run day. Sunday will be a big bike day. I may well do a 40k bike ride tomorrow just to push things a little.

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