Friday, 30 July 2010

Friday 30th of July 2010

My god its almost August! I remember when I had 390+ days to go! 23kgs lost, over 1500kms run, over 5000kms cycled,  am I ready? Well I had a great run this morning. Up early, met the guys at work (who by the way have been an amasing support, coming into work to join me for a run while on holidays!). Hammering down with rain and blowing quite hard, yep, perfect! 22k at 4 minute 30sec pace. I put in a couple of 4 minute kms in too just to push the legs a bit and stretch them. My running is at its best ever and now I am going to take my foot of the accelearator and start to reduce the mileage before the race. I still feel that I am not far from an injury so its time to start the taper. Ill put in a 100k bike ride this weekend and then start to reduce that intensity on that too. Ill keep the swimming up until race day.

Feeling good an yep I think I may just be ready for this! This may sound odd but I am now starting to try to focus on my mental preparation and trying to work on blocking the pain and using my mind to get me through this. I have read so much about these extreme athletes who do the most amazing things and they all say its in the mind - you have to get your mind somewhere good and you can make it. I am now looking for somewhere good to put my mind so if you have any ideas please tell me!!

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  1. Wow they are some savage numbers Johan! Congrats on the huge weight loss and massive mileage, all well earned!:o)