Friday, 3 April 2009

Day 12 - Thusrday 2nd of Arpil 2009

Long cycle (for me that is) to work. Decided to add in an extra 25 or so km to my normal route (1 hour 20). Felt pretty good really.

Weather was very cold and I don't have any shoe covers so my feet were frozen solid! I could have kept cycling except for that fact! I felt for the first time that the training was starting to show some results. I know that my fitness can't have improved that much but I think my cycling technique has really improved.

I think my bike is too small so I'm going to get measured and get one that I fit - lets see if I can control myself and get something I need rather than a billion dollar pro bike!! could be fun.

Still feel very motivated. Am thrilled with the smoking (or lack of). I never thought it would be so easy! it never has been in the past.

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