Monday, 10 May 2010

Monday 10th of May 2010

Saturday I did nothing but yesterday I did an 80k bike ride with other people doing Challenge Copenhagen. Its organised by and we did 1 loop of the course. Started off at 9am with the fast group who are meant to avg 33kph. Rear bottle mount fell off after 5k so I had to stop for 2 minutes to fix. Put my foot down hard and managed to catch the guys again after doing 40kph for 10k! legs were a little blown after that so I sat at the back for 5k to recover. Turned left inland and decided to go to the front, onto my tri bars and put some pace into the whole occasion. Stayed at the front until near the end and kept the pace up. Had to hold back quite alot which I was pleased with and its actually good training as I guess Ill have to do that on race day too or Ill tire myself out. Bottle holder broke towards the end so I just stamped on the damn thing (yes toys were thrown way out of the pram at this stage!) and I will have to buy a new better version online today. I think that my winter training is starting to show through now and I can see who hasnt put the hours in.
I have been taking it easy last week but I am going to try to ramp up the hours a little again now - going to be tough with the marathon coming up in one more weekend as I would also like to do well in that!!
have a gereat day!

PS here is what I looked like on day 6 of the training week!

notice the wrapped left wrist due to using a tri bike to climb 12k in 1 week and decent 12k!!!

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  1. Hey Johan,
    I know how you feel in that photo!
    You've been doing some serious training and it looks like your run and bike are well under control, your well on track for a stong performance in August. Your training holiday sounds like it was brilliant and the hills in the pictures look like hard work! Have you any Tris planned for before August? Keep up the good training!