Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tuesday 25th of May 2010

Still in a fair amount of pain but I guess that is to be expected. I am still very happy with the result. Its funny how you forget just how hard these events are. I had to work very hard to keep the pace going but all in all it went to plan. I had two cups of water at each aid station and walked while I drank. Those walks got longer for each break and I think I lost 5 minutes in total so I could improve on that but i dont really care as I will never be super fast anyway. I took 7 gels with me and I used one every 5k which seemed to stop me hitting any kind of wall - it just got harder and harder slowly but I never got that sudden feeling of "oh my god where has the strength gone!".
Shoes were perfect. I wore a singlet for the first time in my life and appart from feeling a little naked it was great. Wore compression tights which didnt make me too hot - I have no idea if they did anything except make me look silly but they didnt do any harm!
My garmin watch worked well ish for pace and time but the HR monitor side didnt work again so was a little pissed off with that. It turns out that  the watch is not what i expected and I am very unsatisfied with it to be honest. Ill keep it for my IM anyway as I like to see the pace and speed but I dont think I will even bother with theHR strap.
Plan to do a slow 10 or 5k run this week and a 60k ride at some point but Ill see how it goes.
Got to focus 100% on the IM now as I still have a lot to do on that! I think my training now is all going to be longer and slower.

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