Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wednesday 19th of May 2010

I had planned to get up super early and get in a 60k ride before work. Didn't manage to sleep very well so just swore at the alarm clock and went back to sleep. Woke up and decided to take my trusted steed to work and try to crack a quick ride in on the way home. Turns out that it was a beautiful day and my running mate had decided the same as me so we just left work at 1pm and did a 70k ride together! wow that guy can ride a bike! I was tucked in behind him for 75% of the time and we were flying. Avg including all the traffic lights etc was 37kph! everytime I looked down we were doing over 40, in places we were up to 47kph on the flat! I did have to work very hard but what great training. I feel quite lucky to be able to train with a 1 time Ironman finisher who can run as well as he can and ride as strong as he can. If I keep this training up I am sure I will be in a good position to finish the ironman in August. My legs are dead once again and I know that its not a great idea to push my self this week as I have the marathon coming up in 4 days but I keep reminding my self that my goal is the ironman not the marathon! its going to be great if I can do a good time in the marathon but at the same time if I have to push my self 110% just to finish then that will also be great mental training...there is always a silver linning!
Tomorrow I plan to do a very gentle 5k run just to losten the legs up and then Friday and Saturday almost nothing. Sunday will be the marathon.


  1. They're some serious speeds your hitting on a regular basis! Sounds like you're well prepared for the Marathon as well! The best of luck with the taper and race, looking forward to reading your race report!

  2. Yeh Im kind of leaving that taper a little late but I am now looking forward to doing a very short run as slow as I can! I havent done that for a long time! Its funny how you get used to having sore legs all the time, its going to be odd to wake up on Sunday with not sore legs (I hope!). I am really looking forward to the marathon now but I am also trying to be realistic as I know that things can go horribly wrong in a run that long! last year was a "did not finish" for me and the year before was a very painful 4 hours and 40 something minutes.