Monday, 17 May 2010

Monday 17th of May 2010

Did nothing Thursday, Friday or Saturday as far as training goes. Did eat lots drink a little and play with my kids a lot. Felt really great to have a few days break. My stomach has bee a little messed up over the last week so I think that I have had some kind of bug. I know, poor ikle me!
Sunday did 85k bike ride with a local tri group on the race course. Road surface is pretty bad but it looks like the local councils are going to do something about that by the end of May! Weather was pants and I flatted!! took me ages to change it but was great practice in case it happens on race day. To anyone coming to Challenge Copenhagen, bring lots of spares with you! if you are on Tubs please bring 2! if using inner tubes bring a few of those too. I had a hard start and felt that I was going to have a nightmare but then once I got up to the front and onto the bars I settled into a good fast pace for 20 or 30k which was great. Everyone was pushing harder yesterday so I felt that we had a fast ride. Some 10k splits were up at the 40kph mark which to me is quick.
This morning I did the 24k run again, was going to take it nice n easy but instead we started off at 4:30 per k pace and finished with a PB again! nice but now my legs are tired!
Not sure how this week will pan out but I intend to some kind of cycling even if its spinning and another couple of small runs, maybe even get a swim in at some point :)

Have a good one.

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