Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday 26th of March 2010

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday. Cycled to work on my new bike at uber fast speed (for me). Had a day at work relaxing and then (as it was such a nice sunny day) I did a 50k ride home. This rout takes me up and accross to the coast and then down the coast to near where I live. It was fantastic weather, quite windy but that was good too as it made me use my aero bars. The bike felt really fast and I had a very quick ride. There were loads of other cyclists around (lots of roadies in big groups) to pass and then have mini races with - for the first time ever I did all the over taking! very nice feeling for a change.
Anyway, my bike ride yesterday left my legs feeling a little week but I was up at the crack of dawn this morning and cycled to work at slightly less uber speed. 3 of us started out for our 24k rout BUT Jesper (the Dane I run with) was feeling strong and we started off at 4:30 pace then picked that up to 4:15 pace! that is way way faster than usual. I managed to stick with him until around 18k. We lost Jan (the other Dane) as he was feeling not great. Jesper then went on ahead and I just kept plugging. Managed to beat my personal best for the half marathon by 1.5 minutes to bring it down to 1 hour 34(and some seconds)! I then had to drop the pace quite a lot for the last 3 k so in the end I did it in 1:48 which is around the 4:30 pace for an average! very very happy but now I am totally knackerd! my legs will need a really decent rest tomorrow!

Here is my 50k rout. As you can see I spend a good few k by the sea which is great. This is also part of the Ironman rout (just the other way!).

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