Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Wednesday 3rd of March 2010

Had a great swim last night. Did 3 * 500m in around half an hour then did some speed work. Managed 100m in 1:36 so very happy with that!

Got up at 5:20am this morning and went cycling! was quite cold at -2c but was a beautiful morning. Sun came up over the water as I was cycling...ahhh I know. Anyway...back to business. Did just over 53k in around 1 hour 50. Not fast but there was some wind an some hill work. I did enjoy it though and I can feel my legs. If the weather is good I will cycle back that way and add 100k to my cycling plan this week!

As I mentioned yesterday I have now parted with cash and am waiting for my new bike so I now have to make sure I am going to get quicker and not be the slow fat guy on a "nice bike"!!

Woo hoo feels great to finally get back on the road...bad news is that for the rest of this week its going to dip to -10c at night......:(

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