Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tuesday 23rd of March 2010

Rushed home after work yesterday, so much so that I somehow managed to get the wrong junction on the motorway! nice action there Johan. So after swaring at myself for a few minutes I managed to get home. Play with the kids and pull the part built bike out of the box..wow it looked great. Then my kids decided that the box it came in would become a new addition to our lounge and is now their den! I have to admit that it did make a pretty great den. So I finally managed to really get stuck in at around 7pm and build the bike. A couple of hours later and it was all done and prepared for an early morning adventure! It looked great and sooo new. I havent actually ever bought my self such a nice bike before so it was quite cool. It wieghs nothing! I thought my last bike was lite but this one really is soo lite. Then I add two bottles of water, my fat arse and a rucksack and it goes back to being heavy!

So I got up at 5am and got ready. Left  the house and the weather was looking ok. 30k into my ride and the weather goes from ok to really really sh?t! I did 80 km much faster than ever before. My avg was around 4kph faster! I got soacked through and now my bike looks like its done 20000k! doh. Will have to clean and prep again! I need make some adjustments if I want to use the aero bars but appart from that its great.
I will now really focus on the biking and try to build up some serious ks on the beast!

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