Thursday, 11 March 2010

Thursday 11th of March 2010

Good morning...

Went for my 60k ride yesterday evening and I actually had a great ride. Managed to clock up some good speed on the flat sections with no wind at all. I think if I could find a nice flat loop with no damn traffic lights I could average over 32kph (just). By the end my legs were quite tired and it was getting dark and cold. The weather is still quite an annoying factor as its too cold to just wear a cycle top but its not cold enough for my warmer gear as I get very warm! Same with gloves, mine are warm enough (just) but after a while I get hot, then they get wet and then I get cold again!!!!!!! doh!

Anyway that was yesterday, today is, as it usually is, a brand new day. Slept really well and was woken by my alarm at 5:30. Its the first time its woken me in months so I guess I was tired. Anyway, I have the car today and so was at work by 6am and then by 6:30 am 3 of us were running our 24k rout. We ran at an average of 4:36min per k again (for 21k of it anyway) and we did the whole lot of 1 hour 50 minutes. My legs are now very tired and the muscles are ....lets just say well used! I had a few 'dark' moments today where I thought about how easy it would be to stop, I didn't though and was soon back into a lighter mood. I keep thinking of all the rediculous phrases I keep seeing on forums and is one a read about a pro athlete from her coach:
"Chrissie wins because she trains really f'ing hard and races really f'ing hard and was blessed with a huge f'ing motor" Jordan Rapp
Its like this Jordan Person is related to Gordom Ramsey!
Also love this one:
"If you have a body, you are an athlete"..if only it was so easy.

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