Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday 22nd orf March 2010

So I ran home quite hard on Friday afternoon. I felt so tired Friday that I just crashed out when the kids went to bed. Same on Saturday and Sunday. I just had no energy at all. I think resting 2 days has done me the world of good though. Up early this morning. stole the wifes car and drove to work and then did the usual 24k run, however, today we did it in 1 hour 48 minutes which is an avg of 4:31 per k! that is 5 to 6 sec per k faster than I have ever run!! woo hoo. A choc milkshake, 2 cups of coffe and I feel suprisingly ok! I also have all my fingers and toes crossed that my bike will arrive today! (making work quite tricky but I am getting by!).
Also very pleased that I have so far managed to raise over £400 (inc tax benefit) for Help for Heroes charity! only £2100 to go and I will reach my goal!

Edit - 13:00 22/03/2010
I dont know how else I can put this so: MY BIKE HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am however stuck at work so cant get home to make sure its really really shiny!!!

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