Thursday, 25 March 2010

Wednesday 24th of March 2010

Cycled to work as fast as I could on old bike. Did a 10k interval training run before lunch (2k warm up, 1k asap, 1k slow etc for the rest of the way. Managed to get the asap 1k's done in under 4 minutes so was quite pleased. Legs tired by the end but no twinges or anything so all good.
A mate of mine here is part of a round table group and they had a guest speaker in (Jimmi Larsen I think was his name). The guy is a loon! He has won the Sahara race, done a 400k run, done 130 untra runs. Wants to do Marathons in under 2:30...Cycles 16 hours a week, run, does wiegths! Is a carpenter, mechanical engineer and studied medicine!! Oh and he is my age! how does someone fit that into their lives!

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