Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thursday 18th of March 2010

Very exited that I now have 2 followers on my blog! Wow now I know how celebs feel!
Anyway....My daughter very kindly woke me up at 2am and decided that MY space in MY bed is where she wanted to sleep! So after a whimper and a very pathetic attempt at fatherly decipline I moved over and proceded not to sleep any more...So I got up 2 hours later than planned and did my cycle ride. Did 60k and had a good race near the end with an over keen commuter. Managed to track around 36kph and even up to 40 on some bits of flat road so I was quite smug about that.
Plan to do some run sprint work tomorrow and for the rest of today just chill. Will cycle home at 110% but thats just because I am sooooo bored with the rout to work and back!
I am still planning to get some photos in and will ask my training pals to take some shots next time we do some big runs or cycle rides.

Have a fun day!

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