Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Day 115 - 15th of July 2009

Up at 5am and cycled 95km in 3:10 which I think is around the 30kmh mark. Very happy with the ride. Didnt use the tri bars much as I was worried about my back so I think I could have shaved a good few minutes off the trip. Very happy though as its 15km more than I need to do in my first triathlon in October!! Dont know how far I would have gotten on a run afterwards though! also didnt swim 2k before that! getting a little worried now but am going to put 110% into my training now so at least I can give it my best shot! seeing as less that 4 months ago I was smoking over 10 a day and drinking like a fish I feel quite chuffed really!

Ok, thats enough back slapping for one day :)

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